Hand Wash, by Good Wash available by post across the UK

Hand Wash, by Good Wash available by post across the UK

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Our essential oils of lavender + patchouli + rose geranium will leave your hands cleansed and your soul totally replenished.
The Good Wash Company Philosphy:


  1. Create jobs, employing people at risk of poverty on a living wage.
  2. Sell luxury, Welsh wash products, with natural ingredients from the land and sea
  3. All profits go to the Goodwash foundation to fund projects that improve the lives of animals and people.
  4. Demonstrate impact in a clear transparent way.
  5. Help cultivate a conscious consumer movement.
  6. Provide solutions for those wanting to do more, e.g. volunteering and fundraising with a difference.

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Pay £1.55 now to reserve your voucher. You will need to pay the balance of £13.95 on the Good Wash website before your item is dispatched.

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After purchasing your voucher, you will receive it via email.  You do not need to do anything.  We will notify Good Wash of your purchase, and they will ship your product within 3 working days.

This voucher encorporates the cost of postage, so there is no extra charge for postage.